A man enters a bathroom and finds a lot of pairs from his own body.
This discovery makes him thinking he is a sum of two. 
The thought leads him becoming two. 
‘Wow, look at this’ He says to his double.

Directed, written, animated by Yu Yu
Music composed by Nani (Yeran Seo)
Voice by Yu Yu, Nani (Yeran Seo)

© Royal College of Art. UU. 2013
Show RCA 2013, UK (June 2013)
Exhibition 'Love Impossible' , MoA gallery, Korea (Sep-Nov 2013)
PRIMANIMA, Hungary (Oct 2013)
GIRAF , Canada (Nov 2013)
Slamdance Film Festival (Jan 2014)
Holland Animation Film Festival (Mar 2014)
Flatpack Film Festival, Pick N Mix 2 (Mar 2014)
Athens International Film+Video Festival (Apr 2014)
Animatricks Festival, Finland (Apr 2014)
Exhibition ‘Penumbra’, VERB Bureau, U.K (May 2014)
Exhibition 'EWAAC 2014', U.K (Oct 2014) 

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